Band Bios  Each member has a story to share and a unique view on life.  Each story is different and hopefully you can relate to one or more and see what a difference God has made in each life and the change that has occurred and is ongoing.  For now, though you will just be able to see my story.  More to follow. Music meets Ministry Convicted is a vision given to me to bring the Good News of the Gospel to a hurt and dying world.  The band does not yet exist, but that doesn’t mean it will not.  I envision that the band memebrs of Convicted will not be your steroetypical Christians.  The music will attempt to convey the message of hope, grace, mercy, joy and love that we have experienced because of our relationship with Christ in a manner that is contemporary and will be relevant to people who have not been in a church or have not been in a while.  Christians are not perfect and I don’t want to pretend to be.  I am simply a servant of the Most High who wants to share this message through music.  The purpose of Convicted is to produce music that glorifies and honors God and reflects His character.  Currently, I am writing and will begin to look for others to join in this ministry as God directs. Calendar I am currently writing and developing music for a short set.  Once asmall repretoir has been compiled and the band formally formed, we hope to begin playing anywhere people want to hear out version of the Good News. Welcome